Genomics Market Worth $19.0 Billion by 2018

According to a new market research report published by MarketsandMarkets, the global Genomics Market earned revenues of $11.11 Billion in 2013 and estimates this market to reach over $19.0 Billion by 2018.

The global Genomics Market was dominated by Tier I players such as Roche Diagnostics, Life Technologies, QIAGEN, Illumina, and Bio-Rad. Roche Diagnostics was the market leader in the global genomics market in 2013. This may be attributed to its strategic integration with NimbleGen’s MS 200 microarray scanner, as well as its co-promotional agreement with SoftGenetics in 2012. Significant Tier II players include BGI, PerkinElmer, and Hologic Gen-Probe, and Tier III companies included Oxford Gene Technology, Knome, and Phalanx Biotech. Notable tier IV players in this market were LGC Genomics and DNA STAR.

The Global Genomics market was found to be increasingly consolidated, owing to various restructuring activities in the past five years. Tier I and Tier II companies were the key acquirers, while Tier III companies were found to be the targets of M&A activities. Besides mergers and acquisitions, alliances were also a prominent strategy amongst leading players. Technology licensing was the most prevalent motive of such alliances. The acquisition of Life Technologies by Thermo Fischer in 2014 is expected to significantly change the competitive landscape of the global genomics market, as two key players in this market merge to consolidate Thermo Fischer’s market shares in coming years. The Instrument and Consumables product segments were dominated by companies with a global presence, while the Services market was dominated by small to medium-scale service providers with a regional presence.

Based on technology, the PCR technology segment accounted for the largest revenue share of the global genomics technology market in 2013. However, the DNA sequencing technology segment is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period. Market adoption of silica-based technology and magnetic bead technology was highest in the nucleic acid extraction and purification technology segment. The fast spin technology was found to be the most promising upcoming technology, as it offers improved clinical efficiency, and reduced time and cost. Other technology sub-segments expected to witness high rates of adoption include optical microarrays, micro fluidic systems, sequencing by synthesis (SBS), and single-molecule real-time (SMRT).

North America accounted for the highest share of revenues from the global Genomics Market, owing to the region’s focus on genomics research to improve human health. The APAC region is expected to witness the highest CAGR during the forecast period, owing to the increasing awareness of genomics applications in this region. Notable emerging regional markets for genomics include India, China, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and Turkey.

( Resource: MarketsandMarkets)